What You Can Do

Adopt a Homeless Pet!
Adopt a pet from a pet rescue group, humane society, SPCA, animal control or your local shelter. To ADOPT a pet, please see our Adopt a Pet section for links to many wonderful pet rescue organizations we support and also check out Adopt a Pet Additional Resources for more pet adoption web sites.

Be Educated and Practice Responsible Pet Ownership!
Learn about the issues surrounding pet ownership and the responsibilities that come with it.   A pet is a long term commitment that must be taken seriously. You are responsible for a living being which must always be treated with kindness, respect, care and love.  

Please read Adopting A Shelter Dog by Lorraine Houston for Animals' Voice to learn more about adopting an animal, doing your homework and responsible pet ownership.

"Adopting a dog is a life time commitment which requires an informed, well-educated and sensible decision. It's my bet that if more people made this type of decision before acquiring a dog there would be fewer homeless dogs all around!"

Preach to the Unconverted!  
Become an advocate for those whose voice is limited to a bark or meow.  

   ·   Write letters to your government to help strengthen anti-cruelty laws.

   ·   Talk about the issues of homeless animals and encourage people to consider adoption.

   ·   Help a lost pet if you see one.

   ·   Inform those around you about responsible ownership.

   ·   Help people understand their importance to the animals and our society as a whole.  

   ·   Practice what you preach.  

Spay and Neuter Your Pets!

All of your kind donations go directly to help animals in need. Make your donation now!

There are a number of ways you can help - especially if time is your donation:

   ·   Become a foster parent for a homeless pet.

   ·   Transporting animals to foster homes/rescue.

   ·   Donating supplies that are desperately needed.

   ·   Volunteering for a pet rescue organization or at your local animal shelter, humane society or SPCA.